Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management – T200

Career Pathway: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Location(s): Courses for this program are not offered at all BC locations. Program specific courses may vary by Campus. Please consult the course schedule semester for locations.

Program Entrance Requirements: Minimum AA, AS or AAS degree (from a Regionally Accredited Institution) and 2.0 out of 4.0 GPA in all previous post-secondary work. Students with 60 credit hours but not holding a degree may be admitted to the program upon approval of the Associate Dean or Dean if the AS General Education requirements have been satisfied and all other criteria are met.

Program Description: The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Technology Management provides individuals who hold an Associate degree the opportunity to further their education. Students completing this program will have the skills and knowledge required to become successful Technology Managers and Leaders within public, private, and non-profit organizations. The curriculum offers a learner-centered and practical approach to understanding Technology Management with a focus on data analytics and IT management.

Special Admissions Requirement for BAS Program: A supplemental application is required for this program. You can complete the application online here.

Foreign Language Requirement: Students must successfully complete the foreign language requirement as prescribed in college policy and the college catalog.

General Education Courses will vary based on a student’s transcript. Total General Education credits must total 36 as outlined in the catalog.

Program requirements: Once admitted, students must complete 18 credits of pre-requisites during their first semesters. Pre-requisites are pre/co-requisites to all program courses.

Course IDDescriptionCredits
 CGS1510CExcel Data Analysis3
COP2071CSQL Fundamentals4
ISM2410CAnalyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI4
 CIS1513CProject Management and Project+4
Introduction to Accounting (Recommended)
Principles of Accounting I

This is only a recommended course sequence. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor each term before selecting classes to create a personalized educational plan.

As courses are completed, BC Certificates listed at the top of each course sequence will be awarded accordingly. Consult with your BAS advisor for full list of details and requirements per certificate.

Take 1 Biological Science, 1 Physical Science, 1 Laboratory, and 1 Wellness course to complete graduation requirements. At least one Biological or Physical Science course must be from the Core list; both courses can be from the Core List.

Build Your Education

  • Associate of Science
  • Data Analytics
    (ATC 1) 4290
  • Information Technology Management
    (ATC 2) 4291
  • Bachelor of Applied Science

Recommended Course Sequence for A.S. GraduatesRecommended Course Sequence for A.A. Graduates
Part TimeCourse IDDescriptionCreditsATC 1ATC 2
Term 1 ISM3212CDatabase Management3XX
 ENC1102English Composition II3
 CGS1510CExcel Data Analysis (Pre-requisite)X
Term 2MATH*General Education Math3
ISM2410CAnalyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI (Pre-requisite)X
ISM3139CAdvanced Data Visualization with Excel4XX
Term 3 CIS1513CProject Management and Project+ (Pre-requisite)X
 ISM3013CInformation Systems Management (Pre-requisite)X
 ISM3054CWeb Systems and Technologies3X
Term 4 SPC1024
Introduction to Speech Communication
Public Speaking
 ISM3545CData Analytics Technologies3X
 ISM4547C Data Analytics Management3X
Term 5 OCE1001 Introductory Oceanography(Recommended3
 OCE1001L Oceanography Laboratory (Recommended)1
 MAN4102Managing Cultural Diversity3X
Term 6 HLP1081CTotal Wellness2
 ISM3314CApplied Project Management3
Term 7 THE2000
Theatre Appreciation (Recommended)
Art Appreciation
 MAN4120Leadership Challenges and Supervision3X
Term 8 ISM4318CAgile Project Management4X
 MAN4504Operations Management3X ATC 2
Principles of General Sociology
General Psychology (Recommended)
Term 9 ISM4415CApplied Data Reporting4X
 ISM4138CApplied Data Integration and Manipulation3X ATC 1
Total Program Credit Hours602730
Part TimeCourse IDDescriptionCreditsATC 1ATC 2
Term 1 CGS1510CExcel Data Analysis3X
SQL Fundamentals4
 ISM3212CDatabase Management3XX
Term 2 ISM2410CAnalyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI4X
ISM3139CAdvanced Data Visualization with Excel4XX
 CIS1513CProject Management and Project+4X
Term 3 ISM3545CData Analytics Technologies3X
 ISM4547C Data Analytics Management3X
Term 4 APA1111C
Introduction to Accounting (Recommended)
Principles of Accounting I
 ISM3013CInformation Systems Management (Pre-requisite)3X
 ISM3314CApplied Project Management3
Term 5 ISM3054CWeb Systems and Technologies3X
 MAN4102Managing Cultural Diversity3X
Term 6 ISM4318CAgile Project Management4X
 MAN4120Leadership Challenges and Supervision3X
Term 7 ISM4415CApplied Data Reporting4X
 ISM4138CApplied Data Integration and Manipulation3XTC 1
 MAN4504Operations Management3XATC 2
Total Program Credit Hours602730
Notes: Courses may have specific pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements that must be followed. Students are encouraged to consult the Course information Table for a detailed list of all requisite requirements.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to create a personalized educational plan.

Class Status:

Program Highlights

Prior Learning


Credit for Prior Learning: Accelerate your path to completion with these options:

  • Credit by exam
  • Earned Industry certifications
  • Prior Learning Assessment
  • And much more…

Industry Certifications


Industry Certifications: Upon completing this program, graduates will be eligible to sit for the following industry certifications/licenses:

  • Microsoft MCSA BI Reporting
  • PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM)

Career Ready


Get Career Ready: After completing your first year of coursework make sure to visit the Career Center for internship opportunities that help you take your career to the next level! Also, explore hundreds of career videos and career profiles through Virtual Job Shadow!

Median Wage


Median Wage and Job Growth Outlook: Broward College has Career Coach & the Career Ladders.  These tools are designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training. Learn how to climb your career ladder.

Fund Education


This Program is Financial Aid eligible. Scholarships may be available. This program is part of the Career Source Broward ITA List.