Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye
Diego, Saifeddine, Timothy, Derek, Ricardo

Project Description

Eagle Eye is an app that empowers people with information and gives them the awareness they need about their local community. A user will be able to know the dangers in the area as our app will give information on things such as sex offenders, people who have illnesses or conditions, and residents who don’t want to be disturbed can have their request on the map.

Team Members

  • Derek Carter (Dillard High School)
  • Timothy Ortega (Glades Middle School)
  • Saifeddine Hamraoui (Dillard 6-12)
  • Ricardo Sanchez (Dillard 6-12)
  • Diego De La Hoz (Dillard 6-12)


Eagle Eye presents at the 2019 BC Hackathon