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Broward College Computer Science Students! Get your IT Industry Certification

Opportunity to sit for CompTIA and CIW certification exams
*Student must have successfully completed the related course to be eligible to participate
Kaplan / CyberVista practice codes are not available until the Fall semester in August.
There is a limited number of CompTIA testing vouchers for testing in May.
Available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Take the CompTIA Certification exam remotely

CompTIA Exam vouchers for:  A+, Network+, Security+ Project+, cloud+, CySA+, and Linux+

Pearson VUE has made remote testing available for CompTIA certification exams 24/7.  Students planning to pursue the certification exam will need to follow the steps below in order to receive an exam voucher to cover the fees for the exam.

We highly recommend that students take the Kaplan/CyberVista or uCertify practice exam which results in higher passing rates on the certification exams.
It is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Click for Additional information: Take an Exam Online | Online Test FAQs

How to obtain a voucher:

STEP 1:  Practice exam:

  • ● Take a practice test with a passing score of 85% or higher
  • ● Take a full screenshot of the results

STEP 2: Get your system ready:

  • ● Visit the Pearson VUE web site at to review the required system/PC specifications and successfully complete the  ‘System Test’.  Please complete this step as soon as possible, at least one week prior to your intended test date. 
  • ● Take a screen shot or picture of the ‘Confirmation page’ that will be provided once the ‘System Test’ is successfully completed. 

STEP 3Request a Voucher:

  • Send an email to
    with the following information:
    1. A. In the subject line include your full name and the exam required
    2. B. Attach the practice test results
    3. C. Attach the Pearson VUE “System Confirmation” page results
    4. D. In the body include:
      1. 1. Student first and last name
      2. 2. Student ID
      3. 3. Student school email
      4. 4. Exam required
      5. 5. Course name and ID of course taken
      6. 6. Course reference number
      7. 7. Term course was taken
      8. 8. Campus course was taken
      9. 9. Name of Professor

Requests received over the weekend will receive a response the following Monday, so plan accordingly.

 After ALL information received and verified You will then receive a voucher code to use when you register and schedule your exam date.

Tests must be taken within 14 days of receiving the voucher. After that, they will be reallocated to someone else.

STEP 4: Exam Schedule:  Schedule your exam appointment through the Pearson VUE test takers web site:

STEP 5:  Taking the exam:  Log into the exam portal at least 30 minutes prior to your exam start time.  Complete your exam and upload your score report in a PDF format to the course D2L gradebook if applicable and send a copy of the score report to Ester Sims 
You can find it in your Pearson account under “view score report “ under “my account”  Then print as a PDF (Ctrl P)

Take the CIW Certification exam on campus

We are offering limited CIW certification testing at Central Campus Bldg. 13.
Testings are on Wednesdays – 4 students per session: 9:30-11 AM, 12:30-2 PM and 2:30-4 PM

STEP 1:  Practice exam:
● Take a practice test with a passing score of 85% or higher
● Take a full screenshot of the results

STEP 2: Set up a CIW testing account and appointment:

  1. 1. If you do not have an account: Create a CIW testing account at . Use your BC email. Org # 216  
  2. 2. Request an appointment by calling Maria at the front office 954-201-6723 or 786-530-1704
    and have the following information ready:
    1. a. Student first and last name
    1.  b. Your CIW account username
    1. c. CIW test requested
    2. d. Student ID
    3. e. Student school email
    4. f. Course taken
    5. g. Course reference number
    6. h. Term course was taken
    7. i. Campus course was taken
    8. j. Name of professor
    1. k. Email practice test results to

Step 3: On testing day

  1. 1. Take your temperature before leaving home. Those with elevated temperatures (100.4 °F or 38 °C or greater) should take personal responsibility to stay home to protect all others.
    IF YOU ARE SICK DO NOT COME – CALL US at 954-201-6723 or 786-530-1704 to reschedule.
  2. 2. Come 15 minutes before the scheduled time; Please have a mask on when entering the building.
  3. 3. Only bring into the building yourself, student ID, and keys – Leave everything else in your vehicle: Books, Notes, Bags or Cell Phones are NOT permitted; NO guests permitted.
  4. 4. Follow CDC recommendation, please keep 6 feet away from others and use only the computer assigned to you.
  5. 5. Disinfect your hands upon entering the building, hand sanitizer provided.

Step 4: After the exam
Leave the building – Do not stay in the hallway


If you have obtained any certifications or licensures that align with Broward College’s Associate of Science degree program you can earn FREE college credit. Students who have obtained an Industry Certification or licensure must complete the Credit for Prior Learning form (step 2) available on Broward College’s website; here is the link

Any questions or for additional help contact: Ester Sims –